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Bottomline is a European leader in the area of Inventory Routing. We have a strong focus on fuel distribution and provide vertical integration of our services. This makes us stand apart. We build and sell state of the art scheduling software, but can also offer full Planning as a Service, or even Transportation as a Service.

Employees at Bottomline Software all work on the same value stream. Our jobs cover a wide range of challenging topics, such as Inventory Routing Optimization, Demand Forecasting, OCR, IoT Integration, and Continuous Innovation of our Cloud Platform. We work in multi-disciplinary teams, according to the Agile values, and Lean principles.

We want to offer our customers smarter ways to create business value, fuelled by user friendly, cutting edge and rock-solid software and delivered by agile, capable and reliable employees.

Next to the reason why I joined, you should join if you like to solve a logistics problem with a small team that activily seeks collaboration with each other. Where roles a fluid, you like TDD, to pair up and you are challenged to be come better.

Jaco Adriaansen

Software Engineer, Full-stack

When I joined the team half a year ago, I was surprised by how much my opinions and ideas were valued from the start and about the openness of communication. If you are enthusiastic about collaborating on complex problem solving in a team like that, this might just be the team for you.

Natasja Schouten

UX Designer

Bottomline is a company with great ambitions. If you want to challenge yourself in a multidisciplinary way, this is the place to be. Age does not matter, attitude does.

Michael Philips

Algorithm Engineer